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The terms and conditions specified here on this website are to be made clear before ordering any goods or services. These Terms and Conditions are agreed to be bound on any goods and services mentioned here on the website and are equally applicable on ordering on any mode. 

The channel provided by Dolphin Bakes 'N' Ice Creams for ordering our goods and services mentions the person accessing the website as “you”, “your” and “yours” in the Terms and Conditions. “We”, “us”, “our”, and ”Dolphin Bakes” are references to the Dolphin team. Any services which we may supply through our website are specified with the term "Service" or "Services". "Website” is a reference to our Website www.dolphinbakers.com.

Our Terms and Conditions go applicable to you while visiting this website or purchasing from this website. In both cases, you are getting engaged with our services and need to be agreed to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions including those additional policies referenced herein. Any users, content contributors, browsers, merchants, vendors and customers are subjected to the so-mentioned Terms of Service.

All our customers visiting the site are asked to go through the Terms and Conditions carefully and have to be assured to have the working spirit is benefitted by all means. Please contact customer care if you have any doubt about any of the points mentioned herein Terms and Conditions.  

The Terms of Service are also applicable to any new features or tools added to the current website. The Terms and Conditions will be every time updated and the one you get to read on this website will be the most updated version. The right to post the updates, replacements and/or changes of these Terms of Service is on our team. Do check the pages regularly to keep track of our Terms of Service whenever you visit our website and it is termed in as your sole responsibility too. The website accessed on post updation of this section will be considered and noted as the acceptance of those changes.

The Terms and Conditions displayed on the website are abided together with the Disclaimer and constitute a legally binding agreement between the user of the Website and the Dolphin Bakes team. Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding, the significance of these is indicated when you proceed towards accessing the services while using the website. It is requested not to access and get ahead with the services mentioned on the website, if you have any kind of disagreement with any of the Terms and Conditions specified here. These Terms and Conditions prevail in case of any discrepancy between these and any other content on the website. By confirming your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you hereby

The domain name www.dolphinbakes.com (hereinafter referred to as "Website") is owned by Dolphin Bakes 'N' Ice Creams with its registered office at.......................................................................................................

Regardless of the way you are on our services, subscribing to or using any of our services is considered an agreement to the Terms of Service specified here. You are requested to withstand from our services if you are in disagreement with our Terms and Conditions. 

Make sure no other person accepts these terms and conditions on your behalf that represent and warrant that you are entitled to enter into an agreement with us. 

While agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you represent that you are at least the age of majority in your state or province of residence and you have not given your consent to allow any of your minor dependents to use this site. You may not violate any laws in your jurisdiction and use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. Any code of destructive nature like worms or viruses should not be transmitted by no means. It may end up with immediate termination of your services if a breach or violation is noticed from your side. 

Any attempt to communicate with the company via email or other when you use the agreement and understand that you consent to receive communications via electronic records with your email or by other modes of communication periodically and as and when required. 

All the aspects related to your use of our website indicate that you accept the provisions of these Terms and Conditions in your responsibilities and obligations in buying the products/services. If you confirm these Terms and Conditions you hereby represent and warrant that you have the right and authority as representative validly bind such entity. The right to any service from the website is solely reserved for Dolphin Bakes. 

The contact or contract between you and Dolphin Bakes will be regarding the food supply and no other personal intentions will not be kept held with the content of this website. 

We keep confidentiality with your personal details provided and warrant providing accurate details on your order. 

Dolphin Bakers being the principal confectionary service provider, the food services you get to access on this website are intended for your use only. None of our products have to be put on sale to a third party, you take on the role as a reseller. 

You make sure the product or service you purchase from our side is intently suitable for you and make sure your choice never goes wrong for which the company will not be responsible. 

We ensure the confidentiality of your personal information provided on the site. A third involvement is strictly restricted with regards to your personal details and we guarantee you that the information is all way secure here with us by all means. 

Any data provided when accessing or ordering on our website will considered under reasonable care and we cannot be liable for procured unauthorised access or any loss caused by the third party. 

Each purchase is duly completed with any payment mode like cash, or credit/debit card which will be provided with a receipt of payment, and no cash credit will be provided.

These Terms and Conditions or the intellectual property rights are solely owned by Dolphin Bakes 'N' Ice Creams and any concern regarding any of the above is to be informed by our team in the first priority.


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