About Our Company

Dolphin Bakes 'N' Ice Creams is a genuine confectionary and bakery brand founded in 2001 in Mysore. Our products of decorative and flavouring caught the customer's attention in a very short span of time. We make fresh and delicious baked products in beautiful textures and marvellous flavours. Our custom-made fluffy bite of heaven amazes you with the excellence in crafting the uniqueness with the objective to have a memory with you. We endeavour to exceed your expectation and taste buds in equal measure to keep it remembered for the right reasons. We ensure our custom-baked cakes keep the highest standards and more wonders for your most special day. Satisfy your sweet cravings with Dolphin's heavenly flavours and bite into pure deliciousness that will certainly not disappoint you. Take your tastebuds alive with our expertise accompanied by a creative touch.

Creating New Classics

Explore the wide choices for you

Taste and feel our luscious-looking flavoursome desserts at Dolphin Bakes. Our portfolio pairs perfectly with your heart, and revamp into a flavour rich unforgettable experience. For all the tastes and cravings on a high note, we hold on to the perfect refreshing flavours that harness the perfect mood. Dolphin Bakes curates your favourite selection of cakes with the best possible customisation. We add a touch of extravagance to the modern-day cake craze and are served with special themed cakes. With us, take a step into the world of assorted freshly baked goods.


Freshly baked from scratch and delicately assembled with quality ingredients.
Authentic baked products wrapped in the irresistible aroma as freshly delivered finest treats.
We uphold unique ingredients to indulge in unbelievable flavours in every single bite
Jar Cake
Our extraordinary selection of tempting cakes is for sure the way into the hearts.

Birthday Cakes

Dolphin's adorable and mouthwatering birthday cakes satiate your sugar rush. The enticing choices and flavoursome varieties stand up to its name in every possible way and we offer classic cakes that are both visually stunning and delicious.